DarkNet Monitoring

Be notified about passwords and sensitive data leaks of your company. Stay proactive by changing compromised passwords and limiting your risk by addressing data leaks.

Password Compromises

62% of breaches not involving an error, misuse, or physical action involve the use of stolen credentials, and 39% of adults reuse their passwords across their accounts so the most important part of cyber security is taking immediate action on password leaks. Our security partner scours the web, hacker forums, and marketplaces to locate and protect your passwords before they are utilized. So whether it's phishing, a compromised website, or a virus, you can know when your password needs to be changed.

PII Monitoring

Your employees and customers entrust you with their information. Make sure it is protected and get alerted to publicly exposed SSNs, credit cards, and more. Don't wait for something to happen, be proactive and keep the trust you worked so hard to earn.

Awareness Training

Most compromises today are a result of social engineering. Make sure your team is trained on recognizing and handling phishing emails. If requested, we can send test phishing emails to your employees so they can get used to seeing and handling these emails. After we do this, we provide reports and training so you can always ensure your team has the knowledge to be secure.
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