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Everything that you need to transform your technology from a burden into an empowering asset.

CTS Care: Your All-Inclusive IT Solution

Let error pop-ups, random connectivity issues, pending updates, and potential phishy cyber criminals be a thing of the past. Your tech should enhance your team's creativity and success rather than hinder it. Designed to deliver tangible results for your business and cater to your technology needs, CTS IT Care is architected from the ground up to elevate productivity, reduce stress, streamline operations, and secure your business, all while lowering your IT costs across the board. CTS IT Care includes:

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Computer Care & Support

We ensure your devices are always fast, secure, and ready to support your busy workday. Whether you need help, have questions, or our monitoring agent alerts us to an issue on your Mac or PC, our dedicated IT support experts are here to provide you with fast and friendly service. Let us provide you with advanced cybersecurity protection, performance optimization, automatic software updates, device data backups, web protection, and more through our comprehensive computer care features, while you focus on what you do best!

Email & Cloud Solution

Boost your productivity by having the right email & cloud technology setup, secured, and managed by our experienced team. Whether its Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, we offer a complete email & cloud solution that will handle your entire communication and collaboration needs. Enjoy business class email, document cloud, security, cloud-to-cloud backups and more. Tap into features like video conferencing, calendar scheduling, team messaging and document collaboration built on simplicity and protected by enterprise grade cybersecurity.

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Remote & Onsite Support

Whether it's a quick fix via remote assistance or a site visit in the Chicagoland area, we've got your back! From nationwide remote teams to local business offices, our team is equipped to provide prompt and quality support, no matter how your business is set up. Leveraging cutting-edge technology allows our team to resolve issues in the background before you even realize the problem is fixed. We get you back to your day swiftly!

Cyber Education for Creative Teams

Approximately 95% of all cyber incidents result from human error. This optional add-on provides monthly user awareness series based on cartoons with engaging storylines to educate your team. By learning about current threats and tactics, your team can transform from being the weakest link in your cybersecurity program to becoming your greatest security asset.

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Advanced Communication Bundle

Manage and personalize email signatures and sensitive information with ease. This optional add-on combines two of our favorite features: cloud email signatures and email encryption! The CTS email signature solution auto-inserts contact information into your design template assigned to each team member, inserting signatures on the fly. This eliminates the need to configure each email software with unique signatures. CTS email encryption ensures the secure transmission of sensitive information. Simply add 'secure' to the subject line, and we quickly handle the rest to protect the message content and attachments upon delivery. Elevate your team's communication with our advanced communications bundle!

Ready to Have Complete IT Care Tailored to Your Business? Let's Chat Tech!

We'll be happy to answer your questions and to provide guidance on how you and your team can gain peace of mind and boost efficiency by making your tech work for you.

How CTS IT Care Helps Creative Teams Flourish

CTS Care enables businesses to tap into empowered productivity, streamlined collaboration, fast and friendly IT support and advanced security. Say goodbye to creativity blocks caused by tech headaches, and say hello to tech harmony and simplicity!

Boost Productivity

By ensuring that your software and devices are working at their best, tapping into the latest collaboration tools, and taking the burden of IT management from your shoulders, we help your team to save time and focus on what they do best.

Streamlined Collaboration

Streamline your workflow by consolidating collaboration tools into a single platform, seamlessly integrating them with your productivity tools. Benefit from business-class email with phishing protection, and centralize your files in a secure location for effortless collaboration.

Responsive IT Support

Our team is lightning-fast, ready to provide top-notch IT support for all your tech challenges, whether they're big or small, remote or on-site, Mac or PC, or hardware or software. We've got your back! Count on us to swiftly guide you through any IT roadblocks, all delivered with that essential friendly and
personal touch.

Advanced Security

With protective layers of non-intrusive security and daily monitored backups, CTS advanced protection safeguards your business around the clock. Our expert team manages protection, monitoring, and remediation, granting you peace of mind and a restful night's sleep.