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IT Services

Let go of techxiety and regain seamless and secure operations, with our friendly and empowering IT support services.

It's Simple: We Make IT Work for creatives, not against them!

Chat Tech Solutions are a dedicated managed services provider for creative businesses. Our mission is to enable your creative teams to focus on what they do best. We are the nemesis of pop-up errors, cyber pirates, connectivity issues, and any other technical hitches that get in the way of your team's creative flow.

We take the burden, complexity and frustration out of managing your IT by offering a full suite of services to businesses just like yours, while tailoring them to give your team maximum convenience and value. You can count on us as your outsourced IT partner, that feels like a part of your team. In short we're here to help you to succeed with all-things IT!

Maximize Productivity

Achieve More, Using Less

Whether its implementing modern workplace solutions such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, keeping your devices and network optimized, or helping you to plan strategic growth with the help of technology, our services focus on ensuring your team are empowered to do their best work, making for happy clients!

Secure Your Digital Premises

Making Security Accessible & Simple

Many clients in the creative industry need and expect robust data protection measures to be in place for their sensitive data. We help creative businesses to ensure that their devices, data and network are secure from today's cyber threats.

Dedicated IT Support

Your Outsourced IT Department

Whether its fast and effective frontline support from our support helpdesk, or proactive maintenance and monitoring of your IT environment in the background, you can rely on our IT support team to remove current and foreseeable IT issues that get in the way of your team's creative excellence.

Unlock Flexibility

Intelligent Network & Internet Solutions

We're pros at streamlining IT to accommodate growth and changing needs. Whether you need to integrate apps together, unlock faster network speeds, need local and cloud hosting, or help with integrating a hybrid Mac and PC environment, we can help you to streamline your IT into sweet simplicity!

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We'll be glad to meet you and closely listen to help you to get from where you are, to where you'd like to be with actionable insights and advice.

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IT Support

Our IT support is here to ensure that your team's creative energy is not wasted on troubleshooting issues, waiting due to downtimes, or slow and unreliable physical and digital assets. We know there's a better way! Our IT support services cover networks, devices, applications, hosting and websites. Our team work diligently at the frontline and in the background to ensure that our clients' IT is serving their teams to their best potential, unlocking more time, energy and focus for what they do best.

IT Consulting

Use our technical expertise to navigate the world of technology more smoothly and seamlessly, avoiding misalignments, unnecessary losses of money and time, and bottlenecks that can get in the way of the pursuit of creative excellence. We can help you to align tech with your growth plans, help you to identify and procure IT solutions that are the best fit for your business, and help you to create a technology roadmap that lowers costs while boosting productivity across your business.

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Burak sitting in Chat Tech offices working on his laptop

Email & Cloud Services

Cloud hosting and workplace solutions offer big benefits to businesses, including enhanced productivity, lower costs, greater scalability and improved collaboration. We offer full support for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces and can help your business to migrate its productivity tools and collaboration onto these platforms securely and seamlessly.

Networking & Internet Services

Your network offers a great opportunity to improve the performance and security of your business's IT environment. Our networking services ensure your business has the bandwidth, configurations and optimization and monitoring tools in place to ensure that it is protected and offering the best performance for your business. Unlock higher speeds by removing bottlenecks and addressing misconfigurations, and leverage our expertise to upgrade your network infrastructure to create excellent network speeds and reliability for your business.

Burak and team discussing WordPress back end - Website Management
Burak and team discussing WordPress back end - Website Management

Website Management

We'll ensure that your website is protected by multiple layers of protection. From the basics such as a strong hosting account password, security updates, and SSL certificates that encrypt connections, to a website firewall, daily secure backups of your website, and monitoring for threats and unusual activity, ensuring your website is secure for your business and its visitors.

Empowering Creative Teams to Do what they do best

Our friendly team of experts based in Chicago, are on a mission to help creative businesses to grow and deliver excellence to their clients, by making the technology that they use manageable, empowering and secure. Although we specialize in technology, we're all about helping people; we don't just help our clients with tapping into top-notch tech solutions, we also pride ourselves on building a real relationship with them as their own friendly, helpful and trusted technology partner that they can turn to for all-things IT.

Making Tech Accessible

We make IT environments observable, manageable and understandable for our clients, making getting the best out of their technology easy and empowering. By understanding your IT environment, we're able to deliver transformations across it that drive productivity, improved security and better collaboration.

Empowering Growth & Success

We empower creative teams to succeed in their market by making technology work for them. We help our clients to streamline their workflows, integrate their technology, and to create a scalable and high-performing IT environment that enjoys industry-grade cybersecurity protection.

Implementing Robust Cybersecurity

We offer a full cybersecurity solution that ensures your network, devices, applications, users and cloud services are covered by advanced cybersecurity measures, including a regular data backup solution that ensures that if you need it, you can restore your business's data.

Serving As Your Technology Partner

We take meaning and joy from the relationships that we build with our clients, who can trust as their go-to technology partner. Whether it's daily helpdesk support, IT consulting sessions, or keeping your IT working in the background, we pride ourselves on being helpful guides and sources of proactive support.

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