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Why CTS IT Care?

We’re creatives at heart, passionate about technology, who go the extra mile with personalized care to transform technology in creative workplaces.

We Make Tech Simple, Accessible and Empowering for Creatives

We're a dedicated, friendly, and creative team of IT experts on a mission to help fellow creatives succeed by making their technology truly work for them. For us, IT support isn't just about fixing issues; it's about empowering you to seize all the opportunities that technology offers.

We cater to various industries and IT needs, such as office networks, cloud services, Mac and PC computers, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace environments, and specialized software like AutoCAD, RevIT, and the Adobe suite. We seamlessly connect the dots and tailor everything to your team's needs and your business's goals.

Prompt & Proactive

We Tech Care of You

We cure techxiety by transforming your every day experience with technology. With proactive solutions that stay one step ahead of bottlenecks, we take pride in swiftly resolving your team's challenges whenever you need us. We tech care of the technology that takes care of your business!

We Focus on Meaningful Results

IT Support That Makes the Creative Difference

We are only as good as the outcomes we help create; our IT solutions and support make a measurable difference that we track to ensure we empower your team and ensure success. We architect every solution we provide to make SENCE (Simple, Efficient, Necessary, Consistent, Effective).

Industry Specialists

Specialized IT Support, Magnified Improvements

We don't try to be everything to everyone. Instead, we maintain a sharp focus on creative businesses, including interior design, architecture, construction, event production, and marketing. Our mission is to deliver personalized IT solutions that seamlessly align with their unique goals and workflows.

We Truly Care

We're Technical Experts Working for Better Human Outcomes

In the end technology exists for people! We're personally invested in the success of your business and building a great working relationship with your team. We achieve this by getting to know and going the extra mile to create better human outcomes for your team and your customers.

Is Your Technology More of a Hindrance Than an Ally? It's Time to Chat Tech!

We'd love to hear from you, the challenges you face, and help you to get back on the road to seamless technology that empowers your team and client success.

Burak helping to make tech accessible for all

Tech Made Simple, Helpful, and Enjoyable

Even though we're tech enthusiasts, we understand that dealing with technical jargon and troubleshooting random problems can be exhausting. A key part of how we approach IT is to make it less complicated, well integrated, and empowering. We avoid technical jargon, and our team excels at keeping things down to earth. We believe that achieving success lies in truly connecting with people on a human level to understand and deliver technology solutions that align with them and with your entire team at large.

People You'll Love Working With

Our support team is a committed, fun and a passionate bunch! We want your team to feel comfortable not just with their tech, but also with the people that support them. We develop a great rapport and familiarity with our clients, which results in smiling faces, productive partnerships, and fantastic outcomes. Our contagious enthusiasm makes IT not just functional but also enjoyable!

Burak and team discussing WordPress back end - Website Management
Chat Tech Team using computer to complete tasks - Like a boss

We Go the Extra Mile

For us, IT support isn't about automated chatbots, strict policies, or lengthy contracts. It's about taking the necessary steps to keep your team on the road and ensure a smooth journey. Whether it's delivering urgent remote assistance or running over to your office with a replacement computer, we showcase our commitment to providing exceptional help by exceeding your expectations. Going that extra mile is how we enrich our relationship and solidify our connections. We're all about partnership-focused relationships that bring out the best in everyone.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“We were initially overwhelmed when our client presented us with a list of various technology requirements. Luckily, Burak and his team came to our rescue at just the right time! They not only addressed all the technical aspects but also simplified everything for us, communicating in plain English—a rare quality among tech people. Since they took over our tech two years ago, we haven't encountered a single issue, thanks to their vigilant monitoring. This has allowed us to concentrate on our business and enjoy peace of mind. I strongly recommend giving them a call!"

Lisa Sorich

Sorich Productions

"I met Burak over 15 years ago when I started my own business. He has always stayed ahead of our needs as we grew and simplified everything as new technology has been introduced. He has an excellent team, and knowing they are always looking after our tech helps me sleep better at night. I have already sent them many referrals and will continue to do so. Highly recommend!"

Anthony Bellon

Anthony Inc Design Solutions

Burak and his team were introduced to us by another interior design firm many years ago, and they've been a pleasure to work with. Whether it's addressing small annoyances or taking on significant projects like managing all aspects of our new studio's technology during its build out, they have consistently been prompt and very helpful. Their attention to detail and true understanding of our challenges have relieved us of the tech-related worries we used to have. I highly recommend them!

Aimee Wertepny

Project Interiors