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Enhance the speed, reliability, and security of your data network with our networking solutions.

Scalable Speed and Reliability

Dependable Internet connectivity is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. Whether it’s your wired or wireless network, it must be reliable, secure, and fast all the time. At CTS, we design and manage such networks that factor in your unique needs and workflow.

Our process starts by evaluating the devices and services your team relies on to determine bandwidth requirements. Then, we review services provided by ISPs and take your budget into account. With all the necessary information at hand we architect the perfect long-term CTS Network Care solution to support your team.

Networking Is More Than Keeping Your Business Online!

We certainly ensure our clients remain online and operational, but our network solutions offer something more. Whether you need a new wired or wireless network setup, help with addressing bottlenecks in your current one, or expert help to make sure your network is secure from today's cyber threats, we can help!

Unlocking faster speeds, scalability, and minimizing downtime are all benefits you can access with a technology partner by your side, who can also offer continuous monitoring and support to ensure your network services are running at their best.

Connection Issues?

Stay Online And Enjoy Seamless Access

Intermittent connectivity issues affect everyone simultaneously and can be massive killers of productivity. We can swiftly detect and resolve issues, whether caused by a faulty cable, software problem, or failing hardware.

Boost Speeds

Speed Up, Achieve More

Don't let slow Internet hinder your team's work. Whether it's upgrading to faster service, replacing network hardware, or simply tweaking some settings, we can solve the mystery!

Scalability Issues?

Lacking Visibility

Accepting poor performance until things stop working altogether doesn't have to be standard practice. CTS network monitoring and alerting offer automatic device updates, maintenance reboots, and performance tracking. Let's remain proactive!

Simplified Security

Gain Oversight Of Your Network

Keep the bad guys outside your walls effortlessly. We manage your network security with our minimal impact approach, ensuring your team’s flow isn’t affected while they are being protected.

Turbo-Charge Your Network for Success, book your consultation today!

Want to stop dealing with weak signals, connection drops, and poor network performance, but not sure how? We can help! Book a meeting with us today, we'll be glad to help your business to take the next steps.

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Network Audits

We perform a comprehensive network audit to identify bottlenecks, incompatibilities, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement within your network. Using our findings, we develop both short-term and long-term plans to enhance the speed, reliability, and security of your network. Additionally, our audit lays the groundwork for maintaining a scalable IT environment for your business, as it serves as both a reference and a starting point for tracking its performance.

Proactive Monitoring & Support

We take care of ensuring that all elements of your network, such as firewalls, routers, access points, and more, work together in harmony. We monitor their health and keep them up to date with the latest patches and security fixes. Tracking the network for anomalies or dips in performance enables us to proactively address them, ensuring that your business's underlying infrastructure is operating at its best.

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VPN Solutions

Looking to ensure the security and privacy of your connectivity for your own and your clients' data? No problem! We provide both implementation and ongoing support for fast and secure VPN networks, offering protection from prying eyes without sacrificing convenience.

Network Security

Our comprehensive networking services prioritize safeguarding your business by applying defenses across your digital perimeter and premises, all without adding any complexities for your team. Our straightforward yet robust solutions ensure that every data transfer, communication, and access point is fortified against potential threats. From cloud-enabled firewall management panels to intrusion detection systems and secure VPN configurations, we create a customized network defense solution tailored to your business.

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Why CTS Network Care?

By utilizing our network monitoring and proactive support services, you transform the efficiency and security of your business. Here are the benefits our networking solutions can provide for you:

Drive Productivity

Experience faster and more reliable connectivity, leading to less frustrated and more productive team members. Let your network be the bridge to your success!

Automate Security

Patch vulnerabilities within your network and follow industry-best cybersecurity practices. Sleep better at night knowing all doors are locked.

Achieve Scalability

Eliminate bottlenecks and obstacles to support your growth. Drive your business forward on a network tailored to your business goals.

Lower Costs

Invest in the right technology for long-term results. Lower replacement expenses, reduce support costs, and minimize business losses due to outages.

Turbo-Charge Your Network to Drive Your Success, Book Your Consultation Today!

Want to speed up your network and resolve connectivity issues but not sure where to start? We can help. Book a meeting with us today; we'll be glad to assist your business with the next steps.