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Our mission is to empower creative businesses by harnessing the full potential of technology, enabling them to accomplish more in less time through genuine care and a personal touch.

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Empowering Creative Teams to Focus on What They Do Best

Every business relies on technology not only to operate but also to deliver exceptional results. However, as they grow, tech can become complex, frustrating, and challenging to manage. Suddenly, things may not work as expected, resulting in downtime, disruptions, missing files, and valuable time lost to slow speeds and troubleshooting.

This is where Chat Tech Solutions steps in. We're here to relieve your techxiety and transform it into tech harmony! We achieve this by optimizing your technology for efficiency, reliability, integration, and security, allowing you to gain peace of mind and focus on what you do best. Our comprehensive support covers all your IT needs, from networks and devices to cloud services, apps, and cybersecurity.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Who Do We Help?

More than any other type of client that we serve, the end-products of architecture companies rely the most on technology. With intensive amounts of data and computing power needed for CAD software and complex projects, ensuring that workstations can power these activities at speed along with an optimal ventilation system is crucial. That’s not all, personalization of workstations to offer convenience and comfort to each team member can help to boost productivity. While cloud servers can work well in some contexts, local servers tend to be more ideal for architecture firms, as they offer much swifter access to your network.

On the other hand, emailing colossal files can not only be a security risk, but it can also clog up your email system and mailbox storage. Our solution? A secure shared drive with cloud accessibility. This way, your files remain organized, and sharing with clients or contractors becomes a seamless, secure process. We can also integrate local storage with the cloud, keeping your work within reach. With specialized support for CAD software and tracking users and data usage, architecture firms also stand to gain saved time and money from eliminating unnecessary costs.

Out of the sectors we focus on, construction firms rely the most on mobile devices and connectivity, which also comes with physical and virtual security concerns alike. Construction firms need versatile tech solutions that can cater to different roles and working contexts; whether its powerful workstations to operate CAD software and secure mobiles with in-built internet connectivity, seamless cloud file integrations for easy and up to date file access, and much more!

Taking the best care of IT assets and optimizing how they are managed is also crucial with devices being more at risk compared to other industries. The ability to integrate different apps and tools together is another invaluable solution that we can offer, encouraging user adoption, streamlined processes, and enhanced productivity. The needs of construction companies are as versatile as the industry itself, so we take care to properly understand how they operate, what different staff need, their goals, and ideal outcomes before implementing an IT solution.

For event production companies, making sure that everything is reliably in place for the big day is crucial! With customer experiences and your brand’s reputation on the line and at risk from even small technical hitches, having an IT support provider that can guarantee a seamless experience and operational integrity is crucial.

Your staff will have differing hardware needs based on roles, and monitoring, maintenance and management of assets will also be crucial for saving costs and delivering consistent event experiences. It’s important to protect your data using a range of measures such as access controls, and by segmenting and archiving data, you can lower limit risks data usage to tap into faster speeds. 

We offer a range of specialized tech for ensuring that your events run smoothly. Backups that can be promptly restored, support with pre-event tech trialing, local data syncing to avoid data disconnects, focused IT support for before and during the big event, traditional backups like paper documents, and air tagging for devices so that your assets can be found easily, even in the thick of the action.

Interior design studios tend to use powerful software that needs to work together in harmony, networks and devices that are powerful enough to deal with large media files and demanding software, and efficient data storage solutions that are cost-effective.

You can think of us as techy interior designers for your IT environment, that bring its technical pieces into harmony with each other as a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. From powerful and efficient cloud hosting and workplace solutions to our network infrastructure services, we help interior design studios to streamline their creative operations, unlock faster computer and network speeds, and to store their data securely and efficiently, enabling them to save time while lowering costs.

Just like the smooth, personalized and value-driven customer experiences that they are expected to create, IT also needs to empower marketing and design agencies to deliver an exceptional client experience. To do this, they rely on a range of assets, be it social media management tools, specialist software, laptops and mobiles, simple but eye-catching proposals documents, conferencing software, and more!

When these tools are integrated, reliable, work quickly, and offer flexibility and flow, they can help your agency to stand out from the crowd. We help marketing and design agencies to get the best from their tech, simplify it, and ensure that collaboration can happen securely and efficiently with cloud-hosted software, so that there’s far less of a need to rely on emails, time-consuming processes, and limiting hardware that does not offer the flexibility and convenience that you need.

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