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Meet Burak

It's all about solving puzzles quickly and well in advance to make room for the magic of technology, enabling you to harness it for growth and success.

25 Years of Bridging Technology and Empathy: Meet Burak!

When I was 14, I offered to help a classmate with a janky mouse. It took two Q-tips, a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol, and 10 minutes of elbow grease to get it working. As I taught him the trick, with spare time on our hands, the two 14-year-olds got to chat about our secret crushes at school while enjoying Sprite and potato chips. We are still friends!

That’s probably my earliest memory as an IT consultant, and it’s one I think about often. The experience showed me, through helping others, lasting and meaningful relationships are born. Whether it was a family member's remote or a friend’s computer, the joy of solving problems became a constant theme in my life.

After much practice my ability to empower people through technology led me to become a professional IT consultant. I officially started my business at age 19. With every new challenge, I saw an opportunity to simplify, demystify, and enable. I became more and more adept at turning frustration into relief… confusion into clarity… complexity into simplicity.

Now 25 years later, my consultancy remains grounded in the belief that every tech-related issue is an opportunity. Every day, I transform problems into possibilities, bottlenecks into breakthroughs. Beyond fixing what's broken, I elevate businesses and people to be their best. What a blessing it is to be able to do what I love! I live at the intersection of technology and empathy, and I look forward to meeting you there anytime.

Burak's Introduction
Burak helping to make tech accessible for all

Essential Down-To-Earth Support

As deeply immersed as Burak is in the world of technology, he recognizes that navigating technical necessities and problem-solving can be exhausting. Burak's approach to providing IT support revolves around ensuring simplicity, clear communication and empowerment.

Burak's years of experience in communicating and transforming technology for businesses enables him to connect in a down-to-earth manner. He believes that the key to making technology support your goals and empower your team goes through keeping the spotlight on your needs while handling the complexities.

Say Goodbye to Techxiety, with Burak!

Need help or guidance with a tech challenge facing your business? Burak and the team are here to help. Book a meeting with Burak today to get empowering insights and guidance that enables you to leave behind techxiety and reach techarmony!

Meet Burak