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Empowering Chicagoland Creatives with Specialized IT Support

We make technology an enabler of success for creative businesses and empower them to focus on what they do best.

Gina V.
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“Burak and his team at Chat Tech has been a very valuable partner for us. The technical expertise, proactive support, and excellent customer service have consistently been a wow factor."
Dominic I.
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"We have been working with Burak and his team for 20 years now, and we absolutely LOVE them. They are skilled and talented, and most importantly, they go the extra mile and truly care."
Amy K.
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"Burak and his team offer the highest level of customer service I've ever encountered. They are responsive, detailed, and easy to work with. One of the best investments I made in our business."
Jason H.
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"Burak and his company have been our one-stop resource for all things IT for 20+ years. He's a great problem-solver and communicator. I rest easy knowing he's got our back."
Aimee W.
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"Their attention to detail and true understanding of our challenges have relieved us of the tech-related worries we used to have. I highly recommend them!"

Technology That Makes The Creative Difference

As creative businesses grow, their technology can get hard to manage. Things stop working as they should, speeds slow down, and downtime and frustration can start creeping in. Our mission is to help creative teams to flourish by making their IT simple, easy to manage, and empowering. If your IT is starting to feel like a burden, we can lift that weight from your shoulders and help your team to focus on what they do best.

Imagine an IT environment that is fast, reliable, secure and scalable. One where operations run smoothly, people enjoy using their tools, and where growth in needs and demand are met seamlessly. This is the reality that we help many creative teams, including architecture firms, interior design studios, and event production companies, achieve with tailored solutions, and friendly, jargon-free IT support from a dedicated team that you can trust.

Burak's Introduction

Your Partner For All-Things Tech

From friendly and responsive day to day IT support and cloud and network management solutions, to IT consulting and cybersecurity solutions, we're here to serve your creative team to work efficiently and securely with top-notch IT services that you can rely on.

Our tailored solutions enable your business to unlock profitable growth, stay cyber secure and compliant with regulations and client data protection needs, and achieve a more efficient and reliable operation. In short, we transform your technology into an empowering asset!

Chat Tech Icon Efficient and reliable IT

Efficient & Reliable IT

IT That Powers Success

Our proactive, friendly and dedicated IT support specialists can support you with all-things IT: from Apple Macs and Windows PCs, to your applications, infrastructure and connectivity; Chat Tech is here to empower your team to succeed with technology on all fronts.
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Seamless Cybersecurity

Streamlined Solutions

Navigate the world of cybersecurity effortlessly with our approach that emphasizes simplicity and hands-off management. We understand the importance of safeguarding your valuable information without burdening you with technical jargon.

Connect & Communicate

Empowering The User

We avoid undue use of jargon and our helpdesk team know how to keep it down to earth, we believe that's the best way to make tech empowering for you and your team, while we deal with the technical details.
Chat Tech Icon Flexible IT Solutions

Personalized IT Solutions

Tailored IT Support

No two businesses are the same, and neither are our IT support solutions. We're able to support Mac and PC environments, industry software, and can tailor our solutions and support to meet your unique goals and requirements. We'd love to hear them!

Need Help with making Your IT work for your business? Let's Chat Tech!

Get in touch with us today for a complimentary consultation session. We'll be glad to learn about you and your business, your needs and goals, and offer insightful guidance that helps you to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Our IT Solutions For Creative Teams

Our IT Support services are all about helping your business to succeed with its technology in every way, at every level, here's how we do it.

IT Support

Have your tech work at its best and gain access to your own IT department. When it comes to securing and managing your devices and cloud services, our complete care solutions ticks all the boxes. Stay proactive, boost productivity, and access top-quality tech help whenever you need it.

IT Consulting

Do your tech or operational procedures make SENCE? Are they Simple, Efficient, Necessary, Consistent, and Effective across the board? Let’s supercharge your path to success by implementing tried and proven best practices for your industry.

Website Management

Your website must be fast, secure, and available around the clock to offer the best experience for your visitors. Our all-inclusive hosting and management plans, supported by our local web care team, ensure just that and beyond. Let us safeguard, host, and maintain your online brand, providing you with peace of mind.


Our network support ensures the security, stability, and speed of both your wired and wireless connectivity. We remotely manage and optimize your network to ensure it performs at its best, enhancing your team's productivity.

CTS Care: Your All-Inclusive IT Solution

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CTS Care is our all-inclusive plan that is built to produce tangible results for your business. CTS Care is designed to elevate productivity, lower stress, streamline operations, and secure your business, while lowering your IT costs across the board. CTS Care includes:

Making Technology Work for creatives

Whether you’re an interior design, architecture or an event production company, we can act as your dedicated partner for realizing these benefits.

Keeping You On The Road

We all rely on technology to power our success. Acting as your technology partner, you can count on us to help you to navigate the world of technology. Our IT support solutions include on-demand support that you can turn to for a fast, helpful and friendly response.

Let go of the burden and frustration of managing your IT, by letting us take care of it for you. Behind the scenes, we will also monitor and optimize your IT environment and network to enhance the performance and security of your business.

Burak and team going over WordPress back end - Website Management

Navigate The Tech Territory Like A Pro

Understanding the technical aspects of IT is a common problem for creatives, so we act as your helpful translator and guide to technology, taking care of the bits and bytes so that you can focus on seamlessly using tech to achieve your strategic goals.

Whether its migrating your servers, adopting new technology, office moves, or building an IT strategy and technology roadmap, we can help you to map and master your technological territory to complement the success of your business and the clients it serves.

Chat Tech Team at their desks working securely with Keeper

Elevate Speeds, Minimize Disruptions

Creative businesses use powerful yet resource-intensive applications that can slow down performance. Our proactive computer care, combined with our cloud and network solutions, helps our clients improve their technology's performance.

We address this problem by enhancing our clients' IT infrastructure to make it more flexible, well-configured, and secure. We eliminate bottlenecks and vulnerabilities, ensuring the efficient and reliable performance of your physical technology, including computers and networks. Additionally, our cloud solutions provide a more cost-effective, highly scalable infrastructure that enhances convenience and speed for your team.

Chat Tech Team at white board making plans, discussing solutions

Grow Seamlessly and Securely

Our IT solutions assist our clients in growing and expanding without being hindered by technical roadblocks. We create a more interconnected and manageable IT environment that can adapt to your evolving needs and expanding services, all while ensuring the security of your data from prying eyes, helping you maintain a stellar reputation and robust business continuity.

Shot of Chat Tech Solutions meeting room and arcade machine

What Our Clients Have To Say

"Having Burak and his team as our tech partners has been one of the best investments I have made in our business. They have the highest level of customer service I have ever experienced. They are responsive, they are detailed, they are easy to work with, and their communication is always prompt and professional. They have taken the time to get to know our business and always have the best recommendations and solutions. I am grateful for this ongoing relationship."

Amy Kartheiser

Amy Kartheiser Design

“Burak and his team at Chat Tech has been a very valuable partner for us. The technical expertise, proactive support, and excellent customer service have consistently been a wow factor. They setup the entire technology in our new studio and have given us useful capabilities. Highly recommend them!”

Gina Valenti

Michael Abrams Interiors

"I met Burak over 15 years ago when I started my own business. He has always stayed ahead of our needs as we grew and simplified everything as new technology has been introduced. He has an excellent team, and knowing they are always looking after our tech helps me sleep better at night. I have already sent them many referrals and will continue to do so. Highly recommend!"

Anthony Bellon

Anthony Inc Design Solutions
Meet Burak

Say Goodbye to Techxiety, with Burak!

Need help or guidance with a tech challenge facing your business? Burak and the team are here to help. Book a meeting with Burak today to get empowering insights and guidance that enables you to leave behind techxiety and return to techarmony!