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2021: A Lesson in Cybersecurity


Hello there my human friends,

Tomorrow, December 10th, happens to be both Human Rights Day and International Animal Rights Day. How beautiful is that?! Did you know UN adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948? It is the most translated document around the world and is available in over 500 languages. Every year, there is a new theme selected for Human Rights Day. The theme for 2021 is equality. Click here to read some more.

For International Animal Rights Day, I’d like to share a personal story. While taking a few days off from Chicago’s cold, I got to help a little bird last week! As I relaxed with the sound of the waves, the little guy in the photo above came hopping around. He was dragging his foot and looked like he needed some help. I was able to track down a local non-profit and kept him company until they showed up. One moment it was all about me, and the next moment it was something much more meaningful. There is a lot of cruelty in the world, yet I believe every passing day more people stand-up against it.

Here’s to doing our best today to create a tomorrow where all humans and animals are treated with respect and kindness.

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead


2021: A Lesson in Cybersecurity (or lack thereof)

The massive attack against SolarWinds took place almost a year ago. Truthfully, it seems both significantly more recent but also so far in the past. In the year since the SolarWinds hack, Colonial Pipeline, JBS USA, Apple, Facebook, Kia Motors, Acer, the DC Police Department, Kaseya, Howard University, McDonalds, Planned Parenthood and more institutions were all victims of ransomware attacks. What have we learned from these attacks and how has the world of cybersecurity changed? This article examines the changing landscape of our technological world, addressing data privacy, ransomware, cryptocurrency, and regulations.


Gingerbread House Day

Gingerbread house making is so much fun! Whether you’re an expert baker or you prefer to buy a pre-made kit, the art of gluing candy to cookie houses using frosting is festive and fulfilling. You don’t need to be good at art at all (I’ve been making gingerbread house for years, but you’d never know! They’re just as messy now as when I was 9) – all you need is a tolerance for being sticky and a bit of holiday spirit. So, celebrate Gingerbread House Day on the 12th by building a house of your own! You can buy a kit at pretty much any grocery or convenient store this time of year, or you can make your own.


How to Hide Your Email from Data Collectors

Nowadays, it seems like everyone on the web wants your email. When you give your email address to a site to log in or just get some info, many companies will take that as a free pass to do anything from relentlessly spamming you with newsletters to selling your email address to advertisers, who will in turn track you relentlessly. Thankfully, there are also people building tools that can make things harder for the companies trying to get your email address. This article has the scoop!


Nobel Prize Day

Nobel Prize Day is December 10th, and it honors the person behind the award: Alfred Bernhard Nobel. Nobel is known for the invention of dynamite and gelignite, both of which became staples of mining operations across the world. He also invented weaponry for military purposes. When a French newspaper carried a false obituary of Nobel, he re-evaluated his life’s goals and decided to use his earnings to set up a prize that recognized the best in humanity.

While Nobel is still criticized for the role he played in furthering military technology, the Nobel Prizes are considered the most prestigious achievement for practitioners in many fields. In fact, there is a whole week attributed to the awards. Check out the website to see nominees, prizes, and laureates.