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4K Color Calibration from Apple TV


I know you have been wondering what’s our mascot, Maxwell, has been up to lately so here’s an update! Like the rest of us, Maxwell doesn’t care for the humidity and heat so he’s been up to new tricks to stay cool, including sleeping on the floor where the AC blows right at him. Smart guy! As my vet recently reminded me, these hot & humid days are tough for pets as they can’t cool themselves down as quickly as we can. Hoping to cool off your doggie for daytime walks? I haven’t tried them personally but I hear cooling vests do wonders. Maxwell also celebrated a birthday this week! Well, I should say we celebrated his “gotcha day” (Maxwell is adopted so we don’t know his actual “birth” day). To celebrate, we made his favorite thing in the world: rice made with flavorful stock. Looking to do something fun for your doggie? This website has some great ideas. Even if you don’t have a doggie, hope you enjoy the rest of our content below. My team and I work on the newsletters together and have received so many positive comments from you. We truly enjoy taking a moment to put these letters together and stay connected with you. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Stay hydrated and avoid loop this weekend (unless you have Lollapalooza tickets).


– Burak Sarac, Team Lead


The Olympics Begin!

The Olympics kicked off last Friday with a four hour performance. In true Covid fashion, the special took place in front of many cameras but not so many audience members. Viewers were treated to a spectacle that featured hundreds of performers taking part in a tightly choreographed and well-rehearsed display of national pride. Watch a segment of it here.


4K Color Calibration from Apple TV

If you can’t see anything happening during Game of Thrones’ night scenes on your 4K TV, you may need to calibrate your colors.  Color calibration ensures your TV is properly representing the colors intended to be shown, essentially attempting to match and adjust your screen for any color inaccuracies. If you have an Apple TV, calibrating your color settings just became significantly easier – just follow these steps.


National Intern Day

On July 29th, America celebrates National Intern Day. Interns have always been an integral part of the American workforce, running around in the shadows to make sure coffee is made and agendas are kept, but our intern does a bit more than that! Sam has taken Chat Tech by storm, serving up beautiful code and well-engineered ideas. He’s still in the shadows, but we promise his impact is being felt by all. Let cheers to Sam and all the other interns this Thursday!


Disable Windows 10’s Annoying Weather Widget

A new Windows 10 updated added a weather and news widget in the taskbar. It’s called “News and Interests,” and is yet another feature no one really asked for. If you find it bothering you, it’s relatively easy to disable. Learn how here!