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5 Efficient Ways to Put Parental Controls on YouTube

My love of this creative corner continues to grow, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had challenging weeks. Sometimes inspiration is hard to find or I have low energy and lack mental space. Still, without skipping a beat, Chat Tech Newsletter celebrates its 3rd year this week! I consider this a success and a perfect time to share 3 things that got me this far.

If you can count on my team and I to deliver each and every time, we can build trust. Trust is the most important component in every relationship including the one with yourself. Succeeding consistently also shows resiliency and dedication. 

Love & Passion
Not everyone has the privilege of making a living by doing what they love. I’m often reminded of how lucky I am. Solving puzzles and being a positive spark for the people I interact with has always been a passion of mine. Finding love in what you do or doing what you love enriches your life and makes a difference in what you put out.

Adapting to challenging situations and feelings by responding instead of reacting builds experience and strength. Resilience shows flexibility to adapt, succeed, and persist in the face of difficulties.

While there is a lot more I could say, one should practice being concise (bonus tip). My inspiration for this week came from International Day for Human Space Flight, which was this Wednesday. The day celebrates the first space flight and the first human being in space: the great Soviet cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin. It’s admirable to hear stories of people who take very small steps each day and fail so many times with the goal of succeeding just once. Recently, I had the privilege of touring the Mission Control Center that was filled with people holding their breaths as Neil Armstrong landed on the moon on July 20, 1969. As I took the photo above, I thought of his famous words “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Sometimes, you take a giant leap while thinking it’s a small step, other times your small step to help someone becomes a giant leap in improving their life. The point is to keep taking steady steps towards what you believe is your purpose and destiny.

See you next week,

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

5 Efficient Ways to Put Parental Controls on YouTube

There are plenty of ways to make YouTube kid-friendly on your Android, iPhone, or Desktop. However, that doesn’t mean restricting to just educational content on YouTube. Although it is possible to use the restricted mode on YouTube, there are other ways to create a safe space on YouTube for your kids. Learn more here.

National Look Up At The Sky Day is April 14th

The sky is ever present, but how often do you perceive it?  Slowing down enough to observe the nature around you – including the sky, nature’s largest canvas – is beneficial to your mind and soul. Whether you’re team sunrise, sunset, a general cloud watcher, or especially if you can’t remember the last time you took a second to look up, we encourage you take a few minutes today to do just that.  For some extra special viewing locations, check out the West trailhead of the 606, any lake-front or beach, of the top of parking garage. Here is a list of sky-viewing locations for you to check out.

Unshare a Google Doc

When working in collaboration, Google Docs shines with its comprehensive sharing tools that allow you to easily share your docs with others. But what happens when you no longer wish to share the document with others? Is there a way to unshare a Google Doc? Click here to find out!

National Laundry Day is April 15th

Laundry is a constant. Always generating, piling up for us to process, and forever exposing our inability to reliably wash, fold, and put it all away in the same day. This week, we are presenting you with some Laundry 101. First on the list: how to actually do your laundry. We’re talking temperature, wash cycle, what not to dry – the works. Second: how to keep up with laundry. There are lots of articles on this but the gist of most of them is to be consistent & frequent. It seems like letting dirty laundry pile up is the number one catalyst to a dysfunctional laundry system. Last but not least: how to implement eco-friendly practices into your laundry routine. It’s easier than you think!