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5 Life-Changing iOS 16 Features

Those of you following my little creative corner know I have been very good at finding the oddest holidays to celebrate. The truth of the matter is, if I don’t do it, who will? Life is about the journey, so I seek to add color and celebration to each day. I hope you have as much fun learning about these super cool holidays as I do. This week I have a very special one in store for you, so those of you who choose to celebrate must send me a photo after!

This Sunday is Crackers over the Keyboard Day and it might be the strangest holiday we’ve celebrated so far. To properly celebrate, all you need is a delicious treat such as crackers (or a donut like above that’s ready to crumble) and a clean keyboard. Remember: we are looking for crumbs, not sauce, so spaghetti is out of the question. 

Time to live a little! Enjoy snacking while making a mess and be a kid for once. But what if you don’t want to toss your keyboard after it has devoured all your crumbs? Fear not! I’m here to provide some cleaning tips and tricks so you can have squeaky clean computer peripherals after the big celebration.

You don’t want send a gibberish email to your contacts during the cleaning process so first remove the batteries from the keyboard and the mouse. A good place to start cleaning is with canned compressed air (or a small air compressor). Try blowing at any opening at an angle to ensure you don’t push those sesame seeds further in. As the optional next step, you can use a cleaning gel on the keyboard. I personally don’t have any experience using cleaning gels but have heard great things. The final step is to whoosh it!  While this spray is intended for screens, it works well on keyboards and mice as well. Do not spray the keyboard or mouse directly. Simply spray the included microfiber cloth instead, then wipe down. 

What if a crumb violently flies away just to attack your innocent monitor? You can whoosh that too! You can lightly spray the screen directly before wiping it down. 

For those with laptops, your job is much harder. I strongly advise against celebrating Crackers over the Keyboard Day with your laptop, but here’s what to do if you can’t help yourself. First, flipping your laptop upside down and shaking it gently (not violently) is a first good step. You can then use the OXO deep clean set (and/or the cleaning brush which doubles as a screen cleaner). For wiping the screen you can always whoosh it, but remember to spray first on the microfiber cloth, not directly on the laptop.

As George Carlin once said, “A crumb is a great thing: If you break a crumb in half, you don’t get two half-crumbs, you get two crumbs.” Crumbs, like all other little gifts of life, are worthy of a celebration.

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

5 Life-Changing iOS 16 Features

With iOS 16, these five features in particular will become a part of the way millions of people use their iPhones every day. They’re so useful that they’re likely to quickly become a staple of the iPhone experience. Read more here.

Woman’s Equality Day is August 26th

The history of women’s rights is anything but linear and hardly inclusive. The main-steam narrative of women’s’ rights is white-washed and cisgendered, excluding the suffering and significance of BIPOC, queer, and trans women in the fight for equality. In addition, the gains made for women’s equality have recently proven to be very fragile. For context, white women gained the right to vote just over 100 years ago. 60 years ago, black women did, too. 50 years ago, Roe v Wade affirmed all women’s constitutional right to abortion (accessibility aside). 2 months ago, that right was overturned. Currently, some women in this country can’t get divorced if pregnant, get an abortion even if their life is dependent on it, or access birth control at all. Insurance policies, loan agreements, wages, and more are still discriminatory – and we’re still just talking about inside the US. So “celebrate” this holiday by doing something about the fact that we still have more to fight for than we do to celebrate. Here’s how:

  1. Study up. Especially if you are a man. Remember: being an advocate means speaking with the marginalized, not for them.
  2. Update your understand of feminism. You can start here.
  3. Challenge others to do better.

4 Hidden iPhone Tricks

Apple keeps adding new exciting iPhone features every year. In turn, iOS keeps challenging developers to integrate some of these features into their apps. With that in mind, this article explores a few hidden iPhone tricks only real pros know about.

Eat Outside Day is August 31st

Eat Outside Day encourages everyone to get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors whilst enjoying a meal, too. Whether you want a luxurious al fresco dining experience or a simple, rustic bite surrounded by nature, here are some reasons to get excited for Eat Outside Day.