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7 Hidden iPhone Keyboard Features

Some of you are familiar with our yorkie mascot, Maxwell. We think he is 8-years-old, but are not certain since he acts like an old man all the time. Our latest edition, Chivas, is our 5-year-old little Pomeranian who is often the complete opposite. He loves running back and forth filled with excitement for everything from taking care of business on his pad, to seeing his favorite blanket spread out. I can’t imagine a life without these two, nor I can imagine their life before they found their way to us. 

Here is the very little we know: evidence suggests Maxwell was let loose from a breeder after they had no use for him. He was worked like a machine with no love or care, kept outside in the cold, could only eat when he found food, and was left alone often. He has been with us 4+ years but is still scared of being abandoned. Every time he is served food, he eats like it’s his last meal. Chivas, on the other hand, was purchased as a gift for a little girl. After a short while, he was given away when the owners realized owning a pet is too much work. He must’ve been squeezed like a toy and poked at a lot, because now he can only handle a little bit of gentle petting when he’s ready for it from those he trusts. Having been neglected by their previous owners, they are both missing a lot of teeth. Maxwell solves this problem by simply swallowing his kibbles while Chivas keeps licking at them until they soften. 

They have their unique personalities, likes-dislikes, happiness-sadness, excitement-boredom – much like we all do. Yet unlike us, they were both treated like property. Bred, bought, and sold for profit without much regard to their little existence on this world.

The saying goes that “every cause has an effect”. We can choose our cause by adopting and saving animals, therefore affecting those that exploit them for profit by reducing demand. I thought I’d share our story with you since tomorrow is the National Rescue Dog. Should you feel ready to take on caring for another life, opt for rescuing your best friend instead of ordering it like a piece of furniture. Here are 10 reasons to adopt instead of shop!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes: “they might only be here for a part of our lives, but to them we are their whole life.”  

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

7 Hidden iPhone Keyboard Features

You spend hours on your iPhone every day, and a good chunk of that time is spent typing away on the keyboard. By now, you have certainly learned the basics, but there are several hidden or otherwise weird features on the iPhone keyboard that you might not have encountered yet—check out this article to learn more.

National Bike to Work Day

We love our work, but we wish our work commute would disappear into a fiery pit somewhere; that’s why we love celebrating National Bike to Work Day each year on the third Friday of May. This day aims to incentivize us to switch our regular commute with bikes, and we’re very thankful for it! Here is an article on the benefits on biking for you to check out!

Death of the iPod

It’s official: the iPod is over. After 20 years, Apple announced this week that it was discontinuing the final product in the brand that defined music players in the mid-2000s and helped catapult Apple to mainstream success. If you’re like us, you have many fond memories of the iconic music players and their roll in your life. For a nostalgic trip down memory lane, check out this article.

National Sing Out Day

National Sing Out Day is on May 25th and we are prepping our vocal cords to celebrate this super fun holiday. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional, just a shower singer, or a karaoke connoisseur, this day is for everyone to sing loudly and let it all out. There are many health benefits from singing, too. Read this article to learn more.