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Close Tabs, Save Battery


The first two newsletters of this year, I shared some tips for you and your business. Implementing those tips requires mental space, focus, and a relaxed mind. For me, it’s difficult to make any improvements anywhere if I’m surrounded by an unorganized mess. For this reason, my team and I spend time cleaning and organizing our space at the start of every new year.

This week, I’m going to share some personal tips on organizing your office space. Say hello to our new print station! When it comes to organization, these printers come in super handy:

????Label Printer

Bottom shelf left is a label printer (Brother QL series). It can print various sizes, but we always use it for peel and stick address labels (1”x3.5”). It comes with a great software to design fun labels for all kinds of needs. We use it for labeling envelopes, computers, larger bins, shelves, and more.

????Label Maker

Bottom shelf right is a label maker (Brother P Touch series). It prints 1/2” wide strip of skinny labels. It’s super useful for labeling smaller items such a USB sticks, file folders tags, etc. Once you have it, many mundane items around your space start looking like great things to label.


It took us a little while to determine the type of printer we should have in our office, but we are much happier now that we have it. We scan a lot but rarely print, so we recently swapped our large copier for a compact laser jet to save some space! I always recommend laser jet printers for business since toner is cheaper per print compared to ink, and ink cartridges dry out when not used. Lastly, it’s nice to track down a multifunction printer that has double sided scan / copy. Not all of them do. Every business has unique printing needs so it’s helpful to know yours before deciding what printer to purchase.

The best part of our new printing station is that now all printing apparatuses live in the same location. Though simple, tricks like this can save your brain from wasting energy and reduce potential frustrations caused by looking around for stuff.

I’m going to leave you with 2 product recommendations that we discovered during our 2022 clean out. The first is this laptop cleaner. Laptops tend to pick up dirt quickly, so this little guy is now making a difference on computers that visit our work bench. The second is this drawer tray set. Early in the organization process, I had a burning desire to unscramble everything stuffed inside drawers, so this set came in very handy.

I hope you find something helpful here to apply to your space and open up room to grow.

Best wishes until next week,

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead


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