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Empathy for the Win!

Empathy for the Win!

Today is all about kindness. Why? Because it’s Be Nice and Do Something Nice Day. When you think about kindness, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, it’s ’empathy’. Empathy is my starting point for understanding and connecting because how can you be kind to someone without knowing the kindness, they need in their lives right now? Whether it’s with clients, colleagues, or family members, the four tips I’ll be sharing this week will help enhance empathy in your interactions.

1- Walk in their shoes
See the world from their perspective, and take a moment to try and feel their emotions, struggles, and experiences. Think of a time when you felt something similar or went through a similar situation. This level of understanding helps build a beautiful connection with them, making it easier to offer support, kindness, and compassion.

2- Eliminate judgment
Create a safe space for people to express their thoughts and feelings without fear of criticism. Genuinely listening and understanding their perspective without judgment, helps validate their feelings. This fosters trust and promotes deeper, more meaningful connections. Avoid saying things like “that’s not that bad” which invalidate what they are going through.

3- Listen and acknowledge
Capture the details you hear when they speak, maintain eye contact, display relaxed and welcoming body language, avoid interrupting, and when it’s your turn to speak, acknowledge what you’ve heard with kind and supportive language.

4- Practice
Sometimes when we read something so obvious and simple, we assume we are already great at it. No matter what skill it is, without mindful practice, it gets dull. Be present and make a conscious effort to practice empathy.

There is so much joy and meaning in those tiny moments in which you get to grant someone the ultimate gift of being heard, understood, and supported. As we lack so much empathy in this world, often, these moments get remembered for a lifetime and become the foundation of the most valuable relationships we get to keep.

Empathetically yours,

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

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