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It’s the website refresh season

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It’s the website refresh season

While not as frequent as the changes in the fashion industry, trends necessitate a refresh of your online presence every few years. We are about to launch our own completely redesigned website, and interestingly enough, we are also assisting four clients in refreshing their designs simultaneously. The beginning of the year is an excellent time for a website refresh, and if you’re considering one, this week, I’ve answered five common questions we often receive.
This is quite a long list as there are several noteworthy trends. Here are some of the significant ones:
– Animations are making a comeback but in a controlled and limited manner. Employing animations that enhance the user experience without causing slowdowns and evoke a magical feeling is trending.
– Micro-interactions, where buttons and icons subtly jiggle upon mouse movement, are popular as they create an interactive experience for visitors.
– Providing valuable content such as checklists, cost calculators, or reports specific to your industry engages visitors effectively. When executed properly, these lead magnets communicate your value and often initiate further conversations.
– “Above the fold” refers to the section visible to visitors before scrolling. This area is crucial for hooking visitors and retaining their attention. A well-designed above-the-fold section describes your business, its benefits, and how it solves visitors’ problems well. Additionally, featuring a one-sentence review or testimonial, if relevant to your industry, helps establish trust.
– Dark mode is in sexy! It reduces eye strain and offers a bold aesthetic. Embracing dark mode presents an opportunity to showcase other elements and colors in an exciting manner.
For optimal results, collaborate with a creative agency specializing in your industry. These agencies understand the best approaches for conveying your message and have the experience to maximize your investment. Alternatively, platforms hosting design contests offer a variety of options for inspiration. Finally, if you have a clear vision of your design requirements, hiring a freelancer online who can translate your cues into design elements is an option.
In the past, websites aimed to serve various purposes for a range of visitors. However, today, focus is more crucial than ever. The primary objective of your website should be generating leads and leaving a great first impression. Features and content not aligned with this goal may cause distractions. Avoid incorporating features such as FAQs, client portals, and extensive text surrounding your offerings. Every element, from images to text, should serve the purpose of engaging potential clients effectively.
Speed and mobile device compatibility! In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, nobody has the patience to wait for a website to load or fight to figure out navigation on their phone. Regardless of your website’s content or features, prioritize its loading times and responsiveness across various mobile devices.
Likely many things. As professionals managing website projects and executing designs for our clients regularly, engaging in a discovery conversation often reveals various critical considerations. It’s essential to ask yourself the right questions to define a clear scope and agenda before diving into a website refresh. We’re here to guide you through this process and ensure you’re not only satisfied but thrilled with the final results.

Let’s chat!

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

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