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How to Schedule Zoom Meetings

I’m ready to welcome Spring 2023 with open arms when the clock hits 4:24pm CST this Monday. I can’t wait! Spring means rebirth and renewal, hence the reason why more than 300 million people all around the world celebrate it as beginning of a new year. This week, I tasked myself with getting you as excited as I am. Let’s tackle those failed New Year’s resolutions and long overdue spring cleaning. I’ve got you! 

Let’s start with those incredible goals you set for yourself. Chances are you now have some data on their progress. First day of spring is a fantastic opportunity to take all that you have learned and recalibrate. Did you know there is a proven way to set to goals to succeed? Read more about setting SMART goals here.

How is that clutter treating you? Do you often run into items you don’t really use or need but can’t get rid of either? It’s a challenge we all share. From Tiki Mugs to disconnected table lamps, at any given time there is always something collecting dust. If you haven’t read it yet The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a fantastic book to get started on decluttering. I can vouch for its life changing aspect as I have personally felt my heart rate slow down and focus improve once all the knick-knacks left my office desk. Take a look at item in question and ask yourself “Does it spark joy?” If the answer is no, then it’s time to let it go. If you already know this concept and you want to up your minimalist game, here are some other books to help.

How about those habits of yours? While my attempts at setting and keeping healthy habits often fail at the start of a new year, I seem to do better with those I set on first day of the spring. Here is a great article on maintaining healthy habits in 5 steps. We could all use a win, no matter how small – it still counts!

Since technology is kind of our thing here at CTS, I can’t wrap things up without offering a cleaning tip there. Here it is: those plans of yours to finally organize your digital life when you retire are not going to work. I know that’s a harsh reality to accept. Whether it’s photos, business documents, or personal files, starting a solid organizational system now will not only help you enjoy retirement but also ease the burden of searching for files all the time. Take a few hours to create the organizational system that works for your brain and start dropping things into the buckets they belong. Need some ideas? Here is a good read.

May you invest time to clear the path for joy, and for it to find you as often as it possibly can.

Happy Spring!  

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

How to Schedule Zoom Meetings

Imagine you have start a Zoom call with your friend or colleague but keep waiting to wonder if the recipient(s) got the invite. While you wait, you can play some waiting music on Zoom to relax. However, you can avoid mailing, messaging, or calling people if you schedule Zoom meetings to ensure minimal wait times.

National Flower Day is March 21st

Occurring right after the first day of spring, National Flower Day celebrate the extraordinary beauty that flowers hold. If you’ve been dreaming of spring blooms throughout the winter, this day is perfect to prep for spring gardening. Alternatively, you can buy some fresh cut flowers to liven up you home or office! Cut flowers can last weeks if you follow these easy maintenance steps.

How to Cancel an Order on Amazon

If you are an Amazon user, you might have instances where you made a mistake or changed your mind after ordering. Canceling an Amazon order is easy and saves you money, time, and frustration. This article will show you how to cancel an order on Amazon from both a PC and a mobile.

National Introverts Week starts March 20th

This week was founded to appreciate introverts all over the world for their qualities and to encourage them to stand proud in their identities, rather than comparing themselves to extroverts. Introverts have many strengths and are an essential force in our world. Check out this article to learn more.