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Important iPhone Update


Only a couple more weeks before we say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022 with much curiosity. What surprises does it hold for us, I wonder? Hopefully a lot of good ones. I’m ready! Are you?

For those of us in charge of keeping the delicate balance of a small business checkbook, this is an important moment to pause for a quick review. I have a checklist specifically for this which I recently improved thanks to this article. As a small business owner, surprises are usually bad news. If I could give you one word of advice from my experience leading CTS for close to 25 years, it would be “proactiveness”. Proper planning, maintaining, budgeting, and regularly reviewing of all systems that keep your business moving forward will help you sleep better at night. As number one and five in the article go over in detail, this is the time to review your numbers before books close.

I’m happy to chat about your upcoming IT needs and shift them to this year if it makes sense to help capitalize on tax savings. Enjoy the last few days of 2021. I wish you a happier, healthier, and more successfully 2022 ahead!

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead


Important iPhone Update

Apple released its latest iPhone operating system, iOS 15.2, this Monday and you should download it right away. The update includes 38 (thirty-eight!) separate privacy and security fixes in addition to its more flashy and hyped components. Read this article to learn more.


Games Day is December 20th

Video games, live games, card games, board games, mobile games, trivia games — everybody loves games! With good reason, too: games are a fun way to bust some stress and engage your brain. Want to expand your library? Check out this list to discover your new favorite game. Alternatively, check out my favorite game. It’s perfect for large gatherings, easy to learn, and is always a good time (it’s also free!). 


Amazon Web Services Outage

On December 7th, the Amazon Web Service (AWS) network experienced a major service disruption which impacted its internal applications and thousands of third-party online services for several hours. Perhaps you noticed issues with your Roomba, Playstation, Spotify, or other smart devices and apps? While you may not have been directly impacted by the outage, many cloud services you depend on were. Amazon has provided details on the cause of the outage, and this article explains further. 


National Device Appreciation Day is December 17th

National Device Appreciation Day is an opportunity to appreciate the devices that help us lead our lives by taking steps to protect those that are most important to you. This holiday focuses on getting the word out about properly insuring all the devices that contribute joy in your life, ensuring that they can continue to positively impact your life for years to come. If you’re a CTS Computer Care customer, you already know the value we place on proactive care and maintenance of your devices. Making sure you have proper insurance and/or warrantee coverage is another excellent way to make sure you’re covered in case of theft or other damages.