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Let’s Tech Care of You

Let’s Tech Care of You

Unlike the common approach of building an entire IT support business around tackling the scary side of technology, such as cybersecurity, I have always looked for ways to highlight its magic. While I have always prioritized securing your business, I simply did not feel it should be a significant part of our conversation. Time is very valuable, and I’ve already got your back, so focusing on how technology can help your business is a much more valuable topic for our discussion. To better communicate this focus, I’m excited to share our new logo and colors!

This is a new chapter for Chat Tech. It’s all about partnering with you to help you take better advantage of everything technology can do to improve your business.

Here’s a one-minute video that introduces our new chapter.

Read below on how Chat Tech team can help!

It starts with understanding our audience. We help fast-paced creative businesses whose most important asset is time. Our clients are highly skilled at what they do but often have little interest and patience when it comes to their technology. They seek ways to minimize the time they spend using technology while maximizing their output.

From basics such as process shortcuts and templates to artificial intelligence and automation, technology can bring a lot to your business. Today’s market is all about tech and speed. If you are not taking advantage of technology, you are losing credibility and efficiency.

Not everything is about teaching you new tricks. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding a shortcut on your desktop that saves you five steps; other times, it’s templating your project onboarding process to kick-start things faster. Something as simple as switching to an electronic signature on your contracts would not only get you that client’s signature faster but also communicate professionalism to your clients.

Engage with us. Let’s have a business review and take a look at your processes. We can note and prioritize our findings and set goals together. As a bonus, we would save you money and time in the process so you can concentrate on the part of your profession you truly enjoy.

Let’s chat!


– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

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