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New Features Coming to Google Maps


I’m taking a short break from techie things to write about my favorite topic: food. This Sunday is National Lemon Juice Day and I thought it’d be fun to share two of my favorite Turkish recipes with you. Both of these dishes are healthy and can accommodate many different diets. They are fantastic and refreshing summer dishes, and also make great sides. First one is shepherd’s salad. With any salad, the quality of ingredients matters the most, so if you can find the tastiest tomatoes and peppers you will enjoy this salad at a whole different level. Time to visit your farmer’s market! I like having this salad as the first course for dinner, but it is also my favorite item on weekend brunch tables. Dressing is the key, which is where the lemon juice comes to play (as a bonus tip, I also sprinkle a little oregano in the dressing). Onto the next one: lentil and bulgur balls (as pictured above). They are incredibly tasty but do take a little more effort to make. That’s what we have weekends for, right? As a bonus tip on this one, I use hot pepper paste instead of sweet paper paste. The best way to eat these little treats is to wrap them in lettuce and squeeze lemon juice on top. Bona Petit! Cooking is a form of meditation: it is a great way to take time from our busy lives and slow things down. I hope you often find yourself wearing an apron with a glass of vino in your kitchen.

Stay healthy and well!  

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead


National Beach Day is August 30th

Everyone loves a good day at the beach, right? Started in 2014, this holiday raises our awareness of the beauty of beaches while also calling attention to keeping them clean and safe. To celebrate, here’s a list of the best Chicago beaches for you to check out. Alternatively, watch this video on marine conservation. Just remember: after enjoying the beach, leave nothing behind. Keep animals from getting trapped or tangled in trash, on land and in the water.  


New Features Coming to Google Maps

You can already configure your Google Maps application to avoid toll routs, but soon you may be able to use the app to pay tolls as well! At the very least, Google Maps will soon begin displaying approximated toll prices, similar to how Waze currently works. Read more here.


Write a Letter to a Friend!

Are you ready to celebrate World Letter Writing Day on September 1? If yes, now is the time to pick up a pen and pour out your feelings on a piece of paper. Yes, writing something down may seem like a peculiar idea in this day and age, but it will definitely be one of the most interesting things you have done in a long time. The letter can be a love letter or one simply written to create memories. All you have to do is write it, and you might just benefit from it too. So grab your pen and get started!