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New iPhone SE Review

George Bernard Shaw astutely observed our biggest challenge with communication when he said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”.

We can’t fix what we don’t know is broken, which often makes communication a challenge. I do not see myself fit to take on the topic of “communication” as someone who has quite limited mastery of English. However, I did receive big compliment on my communication skills from a potential client this week, so I thought maybe I could share a couple of my tricks with you.

I believe good communication starts with listening and empathizing. In fact, it is the most critical stage where things begin to take shape. Being distracted or formulating a response while you should be listening causes communication to break before it begins. There are words, tone, demeanor, hand gestures, eye movements, feelings, and more communicated all at once. It takes a great amount of attention and openness to collect as much information as possible. Having the most complete picture helps navigate the waters without hitting an iceberg.

My next step is to digest without any judgement. To communicate is to connect. The only way to connect is with a complete understanding and acceptance of the other person’s reality. While we all play in the same physical world, we each live within our own realities. When possible, pausing to digest helps cultivate a response instead of a reaction. Taking time to see all the nuances and trying to put yourself in the other person’s shoes helps break the barriers.

The final and most delicate step is to verbalize a response. I formulate shorter sentences so they are easy to process and, when necessary, pause between points to give them a chance to digest. Start your response with validating the other person’s points, using words and phrases they just used. This helps illustrate that you were listening and empathizing with them. Each sentence has a purpose, so you are respectful of their time and attention. Try to stay away from sounding repetitive and be humble while displaying confidence on the subject matter. 

Sometimes the message is not in the words that are spoken, so we need to ask the right questions. Sometimes the person we’re trying to communicate with is not ready for the conversation. Sometimes the setting or other factors prevent successful communication. While I don’t always succeed, when I fail at establishing a quality communication, I always go back to step one: to listen and emphasize. To communicate is to connect.  

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

New iPhone SE Review

Apple has a new, cheaper iPhone arriving in stores on Friday that encapsulates the bare minimum of what we need in a smartphone. The latest iPhone SE has a bright screen, zippy processor, quality camera and robust battery life. It makes phone calls, too. The price? A whopping $430. Read more here.

Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling Day, celebrated on March 18th every year, is a recycling initiative that encourages us to look at our trash in a new light. Recycling is great for us and the environment because it lessens the energy we use, enhances the quality of water and air we breathe, and combats climate change. It also reduces our raw material use when creating new products, thus saving money and natural resources. Recycling is not the same everywhere, so here are some easy to follow guidelines to check out.

How to Add/Delete Netflix Profiles

Netflix allows you to easily create multiple profiles under one account. It is a great way for Netflix to tailor settings, preferences, and watch habits separately for each user, especially if they have different viewing tastes. But what if you want to make changes to a specific profile or completely delete it from the account? Well, the process of editing or deleting a Netflix profile is as easy as creating one. This article explores how you can create, edit, and delete Netflix Profiles on your devices.

Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox, also known as the vernal equinox, is one of the four solar festivals of the year. The equinox — which translates roughly in Latin to “equal night” — is when the sun sits vertically above the equator, making day and night equal across the planet. The Spring Equinox is a brilliant time for new beginnings, no matter how you celebrate on March 20th. With every new beginning is an ending, so here is a simple practice for mindfully letting go.