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Transfer Netflix Profile to New Account

Hello November!

I continue to enjoy writing to you and am truly grateful you’re not complaining about the fact that vast majority of my topics have not been tech related. I thought I switch gears and do just that this week. I put together a collection of helpful updates from the tech world, along with some random tips & tricks. Hope you find them helpful!

Skip iPhone 14
There is a strong rumor Apple will switch to USB-C connector come next year. Most everything from headphones to tablets and laptops come with a USB-C port as the new standard. Apple has always managed to push back on the masses by making their connectors unique but EU regulators have finally made it law for electronic devices to have standard USB-C port. This major change will affect accessories, cables, and connectors and you don’t want to be stuck with the old versions. Also, the new dynamic island isn’t flushed out and many users are not happy about it. Therefore, if you can stick it out, wait for the next year’s iPhone.

Use single sign-on
When possible, integrating your business apps with single sign-on offers simplicity and greater security. For example, using your Microsoft account to setup your access for another app means one less credential to remember, one less account that could be breached, and better security since Microsoft account has multi-factor authentication turned on. More on this here.

Everyone should use a password manager
I underline this each time I meet with clients. Password managers provide a secure way to store sensitive information, have integrated multi-factor authentication, and ability to securely share passwords among team members. Still not convinced you should be using a password manager? Read this article.


Send passwords securely
Don’t SMS or email passwords. Instead, to use our favorite: Password Pusher! This website lets you create a unique link with the password you submit. Link expires after x number of days as well as x number of clicks. Turning the password you need to send someone into a link eliminates the potential for hacker bots to scrape it off the Internet. Check out the free password pusher here.

Don’t update to MAC OSx Ventura yet (13.x)
Major OS releases lead to a period of bug fixing. No matter how long the beta testing period has been, there are always kinks to work out after a final release. Some of the bugs are unique to our clients due to software they specifically use, and some effect everyone. Waiting 6 to 9 months after the OS release to upgrade is always the best course of action. Not convinced? Here is an article on a major issue with the new OSx Ventura release that was discovered recently.

Update your MAC OSx version regularly
I can hear you saying “but Burak, you just told me not to upgrade and now you’re telling me I should.” We received a couple of support requests last week regarding Outlook on MAC showing the paperclip icon on certain emails despite attachments not being present. Surprisingly, the solution was a simple MAC OS upgrade (see here for Microsoft’s notes). While you should wait on upgrading to the latest OS that just came out (Ventura), please make sure to stay current by upgrading your computer to Monterey, the version prior Ventura. This will not only help avoid issues such as the one above but also help patch security holes.

Review sync options
Every email account you add to your iPhone will also turn on sync for contacts and calendars. Let’s say you add your Gmail account, work email account, and your iCloud. Each of these accounts can sync contacts, calendars, mail, and notes. Having all of those syncs on can create a big mess. Deciding which service to use for contacts and calendars and turning the others off will help make sure you don’t have duplicates or have contacts / events missing on other devices. Here is how to adjust sync options for contacts. I suggest using iCloud for contact sync since so far it has proven to be most reliable. As for calendars, you may keep your work and a personal calendar turned on at once. In that case, setting your default calendar is very important because it will help ensure approved invites go to the right place. Here is how that’s done.

Reboot often
You would be surprised how many issues we solve by simply rebooting a device. Reboots not only address random issues, but they also help recover speed and efficiency by freeing up system resources that may have been locked out. In some cases, even battery life will extend if you reboot regularly. We suggest a proper reboot at least once a week. Closing the lid of your laptop and letting it go to sleep does not count! Here is how to reboot a MAC properly. Here is how to reboot a PC.

Hope you find some helpful tips here; I’ll be back with you next week. 

Very best,

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

Transfer Netflix Profile to New Account

We’ve all been there – you set up a joint Netflix account with a friend, lover, or family member and create a personal user account. But then something happens (a breakup, life change, etc.) and you either lose access or decide to purchase your own account, but regardless it means losing access to your favorites, watch history, and more. In exciting news, Netflix has now introduced a way to transfer all of that data! Read more here.

National Recycling Week starts November 7th

Planet Ark celebrates National Recycling Week during the second week of November every year, which began in 1996. This year, it takes place from November 7 to 13. Planet Ark gives councils, organizations, schools, and individuals a crucial opportunity to increase their recycling knowledge, develop better recycling habits, and create trust in recycling. We encourage you to cherish your resources by lowering the need for freshly created materials, reusing high-quality second-hand products, and recycling!

How to Clear Spotify Queue

Do you switch songs depending on your mood or the work you do? If so, you might have a lot of songs queued on Spotify. But what if you accidentally queued a song you don’t like or you simply wish to listen to something else? Well, Spotify offers you an easy way to clear the queue. This article will show you how.

Election Day is November 8th

Election day is coming up so make sure you have a plan to vote! If you aren’t sure if you’re registered to vote, you can check your status here and learn about day-of registration if needed. Additionally, if you need information regarding state-specific guidelines (absentee ballots, eligibility requirements, time off to vote, etc) you can look it up here!