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Turn Your TV into a Photo Display


In case you are wondering, Maxwell’s favorite holiday is not Halloween. If I had to guess, knowing how much he loves food, it would be Thanksgiving. Luckily, in exchange for his favorite treat, he agreed to dress up for us! I think the cute skeleton look suits him, don’t you? Maxwell is done celebrating already but if you are looking for some Halloween fun check out the 25 terrifyingly fun things to do this Halloween in Chicago. Jack’s pumpkin pop-up and Northalsted Halloween Parade are on my list this year. If you like horror movies, here is a good Netflix list to get your heart racing. Hopefully all is well in your world, and you can find time to let go and enjoy some silly seasonal fun!

On a different note, my team and I continue to get lots of positive feedback from you on our newsletters. Thank you! We love staying connected and sharing a slice of our world.

Have a great weekend ahead,

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead


Turn Your TV into a Photo Display

If you’re not watching anything on your TV, why not display your favorite photos? Imagine how fun that could be for your next holiday gathering! If you have Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Chromecast, follow these steps to set up your display straight from your phone.


World Vegan Day is November 1st

It amazes us to see how far the vegan movement has come! We remember when veganism started off as a diet fad and then eventually grew into a lifestyle option. Whether you’re a vegan for environmental or anti-animal-cruelty reasons, a plant-based diet is the best way to encourage this change. To celebrate, here is a list of vegan restaurants in Chicago, as well as a robust list of recipes to try at home.


New MacBook Pro Review

If you’re a video editor, 3D designer, or other creative professional, chances are you’ve been waiting for the new post-Intel, graphics-heavy Mac to arrive. Good news: it’s here, and with actually-useful ports included! For a full, detailed list of the new machine’s features, check out this review.


Local Restaurant Spotlight: Chicago Diner

3411 N. Halsted St.
Chicago, IL 60657

Cuisine: vegetarian and vegan comfort food
Special Notes: Gluten-free friendly, multiple locations

Website & Menu

If you’re a Chicago native, you’ve likely heard of the Chicago Diner. Infamously “meat free since ’83”, this vegan staple rarely disappoints. The food is good, but the shakes are the best. Some reviews online describe them as “a typical shake you can get anywhere” but please remember, these are vegan shakes! That is the magic of Chicago Diner – they manage to make vegan food taste “normal”, which is more difficult than some people may assume. Instead of a shake that tastes like soy or tofu, you get a shake the tastes like a true diner milkshake. Alternatively, you could get Mac and Cheese so creamy you’d never assume it was non-dairy cheese or a Ruben sandwich that pleases meat-eaters and vegans alike! Their gluten free menu is relatively small, but the staff is very knowledgeable about how to accommodate most dietary needs.