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Happy 4th of July!

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The first thing I was told about America as a kid was that it’s the land of opportunity. For many years, I didn’t understand what that meant until I started reflecting on the opportunities that shaped who I am today. This week, I’ll share the story of my very first American opportunity, which presented itself when I turned 19. Perhaps I’ll inspire you to go on a journey down memory lane and uncover how your first opportunity shaped the person you are today.

Growing up, music and I shared a special bond. Sometimes, I discovered lyrics that were supportive and understanding of my loneliness and sorrow, while other times, joyful rhythms perfectly captured my happiness. At 14 years old, I created mixed cassettes that told a story and gave them to friends just to see if they would ponder the order of the tracks I had selected.

Music has always been a dependable friend and an essential part of my life that I couldn’t imagine living without. It provided vital support during the significant changes I experienced while adjusting to life in America. After approximately a year of living here, my excitement soared upon discovering that I could listen to an incredibly fun live band at a restaurant called “Pasha” without the need to present my ID, as long as I arrived early for dinner. After saving up for the expensive meal, I eagerly attended the event and stayed until I had the chance to meet the band and assist them in loading their gear into their van. This place soon became my sanctuary, my weekly pilgrimage, where I not only enjoyed the music but also forged connections with everyone who worked there. I no longer had to purchase dinners or pay a cover charge. I suppose you could say I became a groupie.

The band played three sets of high-energy dance hits, and between each set, there was 40 minutes of boring elevator music. I observed that many people didn’t want to wait around during these breaks and left. Having also met the owner one night at the bar, I suggested that he get a DJ to bridge the sets and keep the crowd engaged. He said, “Well, you are here every week, how about I give you $50 cash, and you do it?” I didn’t know what to say since I was 19 and legally wasn’t supposed to be allowed inside, let alone perform a job I knew nothing about. After taking a few days to think about it, I realized this was my opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone, so I said yes!

Less than two years after landing at O’Hare International with no English, I welcomed my first opportunity to challenge myself and grow. That first opportunity many years ago helped me in more ways than I can count. I gained confidence, expressed my creativity, improved my self-worth, practiced entrepreneurship through private gigs, made many good friends, and earned additional income to establish myself here. Whenever I tell this story, I always end it with “Only in America.” Only in America would a nineteen-year-old with broken English be offered a job he’s never done before. While it has been close to 30 years, I still get the question, “How do you like it here?” My answer has always been the same: I love it here. Here gave me an opportunity to challenge myself and discover who I really am. I love it here because here is home. So, what is your “Only in America” story?

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

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