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How to Use ‘Add To Queue’ Feature in YouTube

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus Lane. I hope Vixen and Blitzen and all his reindeers won’t freeze in pain! This cold front, aka Christmas Miracle, is no joke. I wouldn’t want be Santa or one of his reindeers right now. 

This week, I’ll share a few random Christmas tips that always seem to make things extra special over the holidays. 

First, let’s talk gifts. I’m often late buying gifts, so I usually shop local. Who wants to worry about delivery delays anyway? World Market is my go-to spot for small unique gifts, but when I have time to drive around, I like supporting local businesses. It’s fun driving to neighborhoods known for their small shops and finding that handmade candle in a cool glass, barista gadgets for a coffee drinker, or that super funky hat. Lately though, I have been enjoying gifting experiences. Massage sessions, movie date certificates, or an hour of skydiving forces people to live a little. 

Now let’s talk grubs. I find cooking to be creative and washing dishes therapeutic. They get me away from my phone and my computer so it’s always a win! My go to recipe is this 3 ingredient cookie that’s delicious, hard to screw up, and healthy. Whether you are hosting or visiting family, this cookie never fails to please everyone as it is not only delicious, but vegan and gluten free as well. Looking for other ideas? Here are some healthy options for all skill levels.

How about having an awesome time? The first rule is avoiding serious topics like politics or why uncle Jim is the way he is. How about watching Christmas movies instead? Here is Rotten Tomato’s top 100 Christmas movies of all time. When not watching a movie, maybe a family game in order? I found a lot of fun ones here, but keep in mind some require prep time. Looking for more? Here are 30+ fun Christmas activities to help you enjoy the holidays.  

Whatever your plans may be for this weekend, I hope you give your worries and troubles time off and make beautiful memories.  

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

How to Use ‘Add To Queue’ Feature in YouTube

There’s a better way to stream videos on YouTube continuously than playing them individually or adding them to the Watch Later tab. YouTube has introduced a new feature called ‘Add To Queue’ to help you add videos to a queue for a continuous streaming experience. This post will show how to use the Add To Queue feature on YouTube on web and mobile.

National Thank You Note Day

Put your phone down, dust off your stationary, and get to writing because National Thank You Note Day is December 26th. There is no official known reason to as why this day was created, but we have a feeling it has to do with the many presents people may receive on December 25. Sometimes it’s easy to write off a heartfelt thank you note. Other times, writer’s block can set in—especially when you are staring down a large stack of them. Before you start feeling overwhelmed, check out this article for tricks and tips to make the process easier.

5 Best Fixes for No Audio in WhatsApp

Have any remote holiday calls coming up? Let’s make sure you are equipped with the troubleshooting skills needed to insure a smooth experience. This article will walk you through potential fixes for audio issues in the web version of the WhatsApp app.

Card Playing Day

Shuffle your cards and cut the deck on Card Playing Day, December 28. It is the ideal activity to spend time with your family without having to chatter away or go on some big outing. So check out this list to discover a slow (or fast!) paced game of cards to bring to the table!