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7 Ways to Fix Facebook Messenger Camera

Join me for a few moments to reflect on the days, weeks, and months that got us to 2023.

Moments of joy and sadness. Moments of connection and longing. Moments of love and hate. Take your time and be generous with each and every moment you would like to recall, especially those carrying strength and wisdom. Memories made up of reflection before reaction. Now, let’s recalibrate where one should, accept where one must, and double down on the rest. 

Every year brings about its unique challenges and beauty. As we have skillfully done so far, we shall once again give the new year our best shot. Love and accept all, stay positive, and enjoy the ride.

May we continue to stay deeply connected within, and with each other in 2023 and beyond.

Happy New Year,  

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

7 Ways to Fix Facebook Messenger Camera

Whether you want to capture photos and videos for your Messenger story or connect with your favorite people over a video call, Messenger’s camera is an important part of the experience. The Messenger camera could fail for a variety of reasons, so check out this post for solutions to get it working on your phones.

Self-Love Month

It’s much too easy to get carried away by life’s troubles and forget to appreciate yourself. Self-Love Month is a time to appreciate yourself and invest time in conscious physical, spiritual, and psychological growth. It involves prioritizing your happiness and well-being. Your needs won’t take care of themselves, pay attention to yourself on this amazing holiday. Here are some helpful ways to get started.

15 Tech Tricks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

In conclusion to the year, we thought we’d leave you with a collection of fun tech tricks to jump start your new year.  From using shared notes for easy collaboration (think: grocery lists) to using your device as a make-shift security camera, this article has something for everyone.

Thank God It’s Monday Day

Thank God It’s Monday Day, celebrated every first Monday in January, is all about rewiring our minds to have a positive attitude about the most hated day of the week. A Monday can represent new opportunities, new beginnings, or simply a brand new chance, because you don’t just like your job, but you also intend to gun for that promotion and live your full potential. On National Thank God It’s Monday Day, seize the day with all your personal energy. It’s not just the first day of the week, it’s the first day of the rest of our lives.