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iOS 15 is Here!


If there is one thing that stays constant in what we do, it’s change. Sometimes I go over a conversation about a change in my head before a call with a client and catch myself getting frustrated just by hearing myself. New things take energy to learn – energy we could be using elsewhere. We like to avoid change when we can, yet change is ingrained in the DNA of technology. My team and I always try our best to limit the need for change and when that’s not possible, we do our best to explain it and ensure a smooth process. Thank you for your support with all the changes we have been putting you through lately. We have much improved our cyber security applications, monitoring tools, and support systems, and you have been very understanding. Thank you for helping us help better care for you.

As I go through change, I hold onto good memories and sometimes those good memories happen to be one-hit-wonders. This Saturday is National One-Hit-Wonder day, so here is a one-hit-wonder that always shifts me in a happy mood.

Talk to you next week,

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead


National Pancake Day


A day so nice they made it twice — September 26 is the year’s second National Pancake Day. Get those hotcakes on the griddle, it’s time to prepare some pancakes! Pancakes are an old staple, dating back to Ancient Greece. Since then, many varieties have been created across the globe. All are delicious and worth celebrating on National Pancake Day! Here is a great recipe to check out.


iOS 15 is Here!

Whether you’re getting Apple’s new iPhone 13 or holding onto a 6-year-old iPhone 6S, iOS 15 is now available to download to your phone. The new version of iOS was in public beta for months leading to the final release. From bigger additions like FaceTime call web links for friends on non-Apple devices to smaller changes like pinning conversations to the top of the Messages app, the overall consensus is that the update is a hit. Read more about its release and features here.


Bisexuality Day

Bisexuality Day is observed on September 23rd as a part of the Bisexual Awareness Week celebrations held in September. A bisexual person is someone who is not exclusively attracted to people of one particular gender and this day exists to remind people of the history and struggles faced by the bisexual community. Their challenges are unique, as they are simultaneously the most fetishized and the most dismissed of all the sexual orientations. Often, members of this community are told they need to “pick a side” – either they’re straight or gay, but are not allowed to be both. Either that, or their sexuality is assumed to be a phase (as if a human could not be capable of loving more than one gender seriously). Consequentially, bisexuals are often mislabeled based on who they are dating. In addition, media has led us to believe that bisexual individuals are sexually frivolous or serial cheaters and their orientation is often perceived as a threat. Educate yourself this holiday by reading this article. It’s not full of statistics, but it gives a real voice to the challenges described above.


Dump Your Passwords


Microsoft already convinced 200 million of us to enable password-less authentication so we can get to, Xbox Live, OneDrive and Skype. Now, it’s letting those who want dump passwords altogether do that, too. Earlier this month, the company opened up a new option to remove your password authentication. That means your sole means of logging in will be using some combination of hardware security keys, biometrics like fingerprints and Windows Hello face recognition, emailed codes, and the Microsoft Authenticator app that runs on Android phones and iPhones. This sounds scarry, but there are some real benefits. Interested in learning how you can go password-less? Check out this article.