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iOS feature spotlight: Hide My Email


Hello friends,

Last weekend I enjoyed a three hour bike ride along the lake. For the first time I went further south, discovering the lake path from downtown to Hyde Park. The scenery, fresh air, and interesting landmarks along the way lifted the weight from the week off my shoulders. I intend to go back once a week and take a photo to capture the season change as it goes through all shades of green to yellow. Here are the seven bike trails around Chicago to enjoy. Go out there and be a kid again. Life is better on two wheels!

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead


iOS feature spotlight: Hide My Email

We’ve all been there: you go to website and are immediately greeted with a pop-up asking you to sign up for a newsletter in exchange for a special, one-time deal. If you’re like me, you’ll either ignore the pop-up or begrudgingly enter your email knowing full well the storm of marketing emails about to head your way. Luckily for iPhone users, there is now a new solutions: the Hide My Email feature included in the new iOS 15. Hide My Email lets users create unique, random email addresses to use with apps, websites, and services instead of their personal emails. This article has the detailed scoop. 


National Taco Day

Consider National Taco Day, October 4th, a concentrated and intensified version of the “Taco Tuesdays” many restaurants offer. Taco are universally loved, whether you’re a fan of classic tacos (steak, cilantro, and onion) or bougee tacos (think exotic flavors and unique combinations), vegan or a meat lover, or have other preferences. Check out this list to find a great taco shop near you.


iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max review

Last week, Apple released the iPhone 13 line. At first look, the phones don’t see much different than their predecessors. However, the iPhone 13 Pro models come with some cool new features that may set them apart from the pack: ProMotion display, better cameras, and enhanced power/endurance. Considering an upgrade? Check out this article for a detailed review on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.


National Coffee Day

International Coffee Day takes place on October 1st. Making the daily journey from tropical Africa to the breakfast mugs of households all over the world, coffee beans have been consumed globally for more than 600 years. No matter how you take it, coffee can energize you, warm you up, refresh you, keep you awake, and even catch you up with your loved ones. So, where will you get your coffee from this holiday? Check out this list of coffee shops to find a place near you!