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Spotify Free vs. Premium

It seems the Jetsons got many things right including how the way we work will evolve, but nobody could have foreseen all the security related burdens the advancements would bring.

Home Office Safety and Security Week starts next week and it’s a great opportunity to be proactive and review a few important items. Whether working from home or not, we all deal with sensitive information. I hope you find the list below helpful and improve your security at home.

  1. Your modem or router that all your devices use to connect to the internet may still be set with its default password. Perhaps it also has a software update that’s waiting to be applied? Making sure your network equipment has helpful security features turned on and changing those default passwords is an important task.
  2. Is your important data backed up on a schedule, and do you check those backups regularly?
  3. Do you check software updates on other internet connected devices at home? Security cameras, printers, even thermostats may have updates pending, and they should be applied to ensure there are no security vulnerabilities. 
  4. How good are your passwords? Do you enable 2FA on every login you possibly can? You should use strong, hard to guess passwords and store them properly by using a password manager.
  5. Paper, once put in the trash, becomes public property. Do you have a shredder for documents and notes containing sensitive information?
  6. Is your smoke detector working?  Safety equipment like fire extinguishers and first aid kits are helpful to keep close by.
  7. Finally, how would you a tackle worse-case scenario such as a loss of data or equipment? Consider whether you need to increase your coverage limits or perhaps chose a different policy. Residential policies often do cover home office losses.

Check these items off your list and sleep better at night!

See you next week,

– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

Spotify Free vs. Premium

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