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Time Flies Whether You’re Having a Good Time or Not

Time Flies Whether You’re Having a Good Time or Not

I have always been fascinated by those who can make a profound and thought-provoking statement in a single sentence using simple words. Not a week goes by without me catching myself and not making the best use of my time. Having this quote in a tiny frame on my desk has been a great help as a valuable reminder. This week, I’ll share with you the six biggest time wasters I try to avoid and still do catch myself doing. Perhaps some will ring a bell, and you too will have a story to share. I’d love to hear it!

1- Frequent phone checking:
I often catch myself picking up my phone “just to check it” without realizing how long I spend scrolling through social media. Constantly checking my phone can take a heavy toll on my productivity so I fight the urge of constantly staying connected. It’s something we should all pay more attention to.

2- Emails can become a job on their own
Keeping my email open all day, answering messages as they land while I work on my projects feels like I’m an expert multitasker. That is however far from reality. Each email interaction leads me down a different path and it takes quite a bit to get back on track. Setting aside specific times to check, write, and reply to emails helps me work more efficiently. As an additional layer of help, at Chat Tech, we have set up the most advanced spam and junk mail protection we can find combined with a marketing email filter to reduce the number of emails landing in our inboxes.

3- Not planning ahead
Arriving at the office with a plan and a clear sense of purpose enables me to prioritize my tasks and sets the stage for a productive day. Attacking random things and not having a general direction is an easy invite for distractions. I dedicate 15 minutes of my morning to compile a list of tasks to be tackled during the day and put them in order. This practice ensures that I approach work with a defined purpose, minimizing the chances of interruptions that could otherwise consume valuable time.

4- Unnecessary meetings
Meetings help maintain focus and ensure everyone is on the same page. They play a crucial role in communicating important changes in office policy, sharing ideas, and moving the company forward. However, it’s undeniable that meetings can also contribute to a significant amount of wasted time. The question to ask is: can the information be effectively conveyed through an email or a face-to-face conversation with the relevant individuals? If the answer is yes, I opt for those alternatives. However, if a meeting is deemed necessary, I ensure to have a well-defined agenda and topics, establish a timeline, and stick to it.

5- Tackling needy clients
In the early days of my business, I was always willing to go the extra mile to expand my customer base. As my business evolved and the customer base expanded, I find myself handling clients who are especially demanding and consume a significant amount of time. While I don’t believe in rejecting an opportunity, it’s important to pinpoint clients or situations that demand an excessive amount of my time. The goal isn’t necessarily to let them go, but rather to discover ways to address their needs more efficiently, requiring less of my time. If you are not tracking your time per customer/project, this is a great reason to do so as it will help you discover your true costs.

6- Micromanaging your team
Chat Tech is my firstborn. It’s a dream come true, and I worked hard to make it real. Naturally, I really want everything to go well and never make any mistakes or fall short anywhere. But standing over my team while they work or trying to correct every little thing will not only bother them, but it will also waste a lot of my time. I chose them as team members because I believe in them and that they’d be a good match. I simply give them a chance to be. If you have a team member who always needs to be watched and guided, they might not be the right fit for you. Micromanaging can slow down your business’s growth, waste time, and make your employees feel like you don’t trust them — all of which are not great for fostering a healthy company culture, employee retention, and client satisfaction.

Running a small business means handling lots of tasks every day. There are many things to think about, plan, do, create, schedule, and work on. Good time management is a critical skill for a successful and experienced business owner.

If you struggle with time management, take a step back to recognize and implement the changes required to get back on track so your business can continue to grow, move forward, and remain profitable.


– Burak Sarac, Team Lead

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